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W Boston Event Space

With over 5,000 square feet of event facilities and 9 unique spaces, W Boston Hotel has all of the space and technology you need to energize your attendees while allowing them to meet, greet, connect and explore.  Whether it's a quiet meeting for two or the social event of the season, we have the space and the service to wow your attendees for their next Boston meeting.

Sensory Set UpSM: Bored in the boardroom? Make your Boston meeting memorable with our unique Sensory Set UpSM. Retro refreshments, creative catering, aromatherapy and candlelight? You've never been this relaxed at a meeting; now get ready to use all five of your senses to color outside the lines.

Bliss Spa Breaks: Imagine how popular your functions will be when rumors are spread of chair massages and yoga sessions. You can really get to work after you feel deeply rejuvenated.

What Cool Stuff: The technology is virtually limitless. Plasma screens, WiFi living rooms, and everything you need to be within a millisecond of the world you're influencing.

What Time is RecessSM?  Remember what it was like to "go out and play?" Take a break from your work and have some fun-you can see the motivation actually happen, as you transform your meeting into a virtual playground.

Wish WorkshopSM:It's three in the afternoon and you can almost hear the coffee cravings rumbling; instead of the typical break, ignite your creative passion with a Wish WorkshopSM created just for your group.

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